Concept of the 15th of December 2020: Christmas breakfast


In a country bursting with prosperity, my eldest son turns 7 today. He was going to treat his classmates tomorrow, but the schools will be closed. Just three days from the break, all children in The Netherlands are robbed of their Christmas breakfast.


I am baffled and outraged. Dutch inhabitants have shown to be too pig-headed to handle their freedom. Working from home was not mandatory, mass shopping was not forbidden. Now it’s the children who pay. One week after my youngest son’s 4th birthday, schools were reopened. Another little one eagerly looking forward to Christmas breakfast.


We celebrate Christmas in a country presuming to be too smart to embrace religion or any form of collective obedience. Yet we demand the right to gather in abundancy. As a consequence, our government has lost its way and punishes its smallest citizens and their families. A huge disgrace. Down with Rutte! Down with our country!


While schools used to celebrate Christmas dinners, this year a compromise was planned. Now even that is cancelled. That is the Dutch Christmas spirit of 2020: forget Christmas breakfast! Congratulations.

The boxes were already made

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