Concept of the month November 2023: Bless you


Thanks! Darn it. It’s been like this for ages. Ongoing family concert here, pulling several all-nighters. Even called in sick a few times. It won’t kill us, but it sure takes a lot longer than usual. We spoke to a physician who claims it’s due to Covid. More specifically, to all measures preventing us from catching different viruses, leaving us less resistant than before. Let’s bite the bullet.


Cheers. I am not very religious, though. Don’t belief there’s any creature upstairs watching over us. If there were, wish it would address my slow year. People say it’s the machine translation and copywriting. Can’t say I agree. Ever seen Bob Ross? Happy accidents create a beauty of their own. Not comparing my work to art, but like adding a personal touch. You can’t be consistent if you want to produce something unique.


Take my profession. You can teach an app to translate cat by dog but it’s a train wreck waiting to happen. Sometimes a cat is indeed a cat, I hate dogs anyway. Not every dog can become a cat. And they only meet when it rains. Or the internet bursts.


In the above, only humans were involved. Robots blissfully overlooked. Heads or tails, you line the cloud with silver streamers. Transcreate that, Master Geppetty!

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